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Activities: The Surucua Experience

At Surucua Lodge we wish to provide unforgettable experiences to our guests, as they discover and learn how life in the rainforest is. For that purpose, we have designed three kinds of activities: Birding, trekking and kayaking along the Iguazu River.


During the tour along the main trail, guests will learn about the mysteries and characteristics of the Parana Rainforest, as they watch the trees and bushes in diverse layers and listen to the different sounds made by a wide variety of species of bird and insects. They will find the beautiful and colourful orchids and butterflies stunning. Guests will also see the local animals’ characteristic pawprints and at the end of the walk, they will enjoy the exceptional view of the Iguazu River.


During the evening walk tour, we want our guests to feel how the rainforest changes at sunset. If you pay enough attention, you will hear the sounds of the nocturnal fauna and you will make out the shapes that become blurry in the darkness, and, who knows, maybe you can even have the privilege of watching a wild animal pass by.


You can also take advantage of our wide number of trails for bird-watching, taking photographs, identifying the species as well as observing orchids, butterflies and insects.

The kayaking activity along the Iguazu River brings into experience an adventure component as you go through the rapids of the river, without forgetting safety measures.


By the river you will see islets inhabited by herons, different bird species and freshwater plants and, if you are lucky enough, you will get to see some river animals such as sea dogs, caymans and capybaras, everything framework on a rainforest landscape.