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Surucua Lodge is a family-run business which offers lodging, cuisine and adventure ecotourism activities. It also offers unique experiences as you have a close contact with nature, and as you learn about the rainforest and its secrets by means of the personalized services we provide.


The Surucua Private Reservation is characterized by its high level of conservation and its big biodiversity, where vast heart of palm plantations, majestic Palo Rosa trees and the magnificent Iguazu River are found.

This marvelous natural atmosphere invites you to have a discovery learning experience, as you hear the chirping of a wide variety of birds, feel the presence of big mammals and find their footprints, or as you see a great variety of butterflies, orchids, insects and have the adventurous experience of kayaking along the Iguazu River, which is surrounded by the rainforest. If you prefer, you can just relax, get disconnected from everything and have a rest in this natural environment.


The reservation covers an area of 120 hectares. The whole peninsular region goes through the Iguazu River in Iguazu National Park in Brazil and its west side is connected to the Iguazu National Park in Argentina. This natural green corridor plays a strategic role between both parks. The area is within the eco-region of the Upper Parana Atlantic Forest, also known as Paranaense Rainforest.